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Aromatherapy is a wonderful, nourishing experience. Aromatherapy is also a powerful therapeutic treatment which combines the essential oils of plants with massage. Aromatherapy relaxes and the lifts the mind, body and spirit.


30 Minutes £20.00

Using a blend of chosen essential oils, we begin by cleansing the feet and the massage to the lower legs and feet this is a very soothing relaxing foot therapy treatment. Great for tired feet!


with Chakra Balancing

Orli Massage body candles are handmade in Scotland using superior skin nourishing ingredients such as rich shea and cocoa butters, jojoba and sweet almond oil with vitamin E, avocado butter, passionflower seed oil, hawaiian kukui nut oil and Moroccan Argan Oil. All are scented with high quality fragrance or essential oils for fabulous aromas. The ingredients are not only natural, but they are extremely rich and moisturising, have a number of benefits for your skin and, with a low melt point the oils will not burn you.
Our massage candles spread like warm silk on the skin and send you into total relaxation.

45 Minutes £28.00

Enjoy a rich relaxing lower leg and foot massage using the wonderful Orli candle massage medium from Scotland.

We begin this foot treatment by placing crystals along the chakra points at the front of the body, then we cleansing, exfoliating and apply a richly conditioning foot mask. Whilst the mask is working we balance the chakra and then complete with a quartz crystal and Orli massage after the removal of the mask.

Quartz will cleanse, balance and re-energise the chakras, legs and feet.

This is a ultra relaxing and rejuvenating foot therapy!


Thai Foot Massage is similar to the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine which carry the Qi or Chi energy.  Thai Medicine energy lines known as Sen run through the body, with specific points ending at the feet.  The obstruction of this energy flow is thought to be the cause of discomfort and illness.  The techniques of the Massage, using stretching and a stick to stimulate the reflex points, are thought to stimulate and open these channels, leaving the client feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated.

75 Minutes £35.00

Enjoy this invigorating yet relaxing leg and foot massage with Thai reflex. Your feet will be cleansed and exfoliated before the treatment of leg stretches begins. You will enjoy an arrange of different experiences; towel wrapped movements and unwrapped movements with the legs and feet and then complete with a full Thai stick reflex using a traditional rosewood Thai stick.

This foot and leg therapy is very uplifting, great for people on the go!