THERESA WILKES Heaven-Sense Healing and Training

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Course Dates Availability

Please contact me with the required course and preferred date.

 Dates up to and including June 2018



Monday 26th – Foot Therapy 4 Ways - Day 1(Booked)

Wednesday 28th



Wednesday 18th

Monday 23rd  - Foot Therapy 4 Ways - Day 2 (1 place left)

Monday 30th - Salt Stone Massage (1 place left)



Wednesday 2nd - Egyptian Ritual Therapy ( Booked)

Friday 4th - Rose Quartz Facial Therapy (1 Place left)

Wednesday 16th

Wednesday 23rd



Monday 4th

Wednesday 13th

Monday 18th

Wednesday 27th - Rose Quartz Facial (1 Place left)


Monday 16th – Reading the Ribbons ( 3 places left)